Do not judge me for I did not

Dig up and relay your gravel drive

Block your drains

Leave my car on your land

Tell others to park on your land

Cause a rumpus with the electricity board.


Do not judge me for I did

Try to talk to you

Stand up for myself

Resolve our electricity board problem

Adhere to our signed agreements

Ask privately for support from my friends.


Do not judge me for I did not

Dispute the colour of your house

Complain that you were hosting Air BnB

Completely ignore you

Join with others, to gossip and to complain

Share distorted perceptions with others in the village.


Do not judge me because I did

Check my rights with my lawyer

Carry on living the life I want to live

Understand my values are different to yours

Live a life that is compliant and harmonious

Carry on smiling.


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