Executive Reflection

In a bid to offer service to all, I have moved coaching forward into the realm of Executive Reflection. So many clients are finding the structure of ‘pure’ coaching stressful as they are already overloaded with a need for responsibility and accountability. That caused me to think a of a new route where I would use coaching and mentoring skills together to generate a more useful dialogue for them. The very name ‘coaching’ can put some people off. Sadly I have met clients who think they are ‘sent’ for coaching because it’s remedial – they are being punished for something? How to encourage them to respond in a more positive way?

Executive Reflection offers a strategic and ethical lens to motivate clients to think creatively about a holistic organisational context. It focuses on developing a  sustainable viewpoint of both inside and outside the organisation and/or profession/sector. It’s a more freefall discussion. It starts where it starts and finishes when/ where it finishes. My experiences so far tell me that clients are more relaxed, more able to think through issues and more importantly reflect on their own actions thus moving their personal development forward. It’s a bit like professional supervision which we have in the helping professions and in coaching and which is sadly lacking in other fields.

So far so good. I’ll let you know how it progresses.


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